Yale Scientist Compares Reopening Economy to GENOCIDE Of “People Of Color”

(FreedomJournal.Org)- A scientist from Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, made the unhinged suggestion on Wednesday that reopening the United States economy was almost a form of genocide.

If that’s not crazy enough for you, the epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves said that, specifically, it would be a kind of genocide of “African-Americans, Latinos, other people of colour.”

Yes, he really said that.

Gonsalves took to Twitter to criticize President Donald Trump and his administration’s response to the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. He criticized plans that are being put in place to begin reopening the economy, suggesting that lifting the shelter-in-place restrictions would disproportionately kill people of color.

“How many people will die this summer, before Election Day?” he asked. “What proportion of the deaths will be among African-Americans, Latinos, other people of color? This is getting awfully close to genocide by default. What else do you call mass death by public policy?” he added.

Interestingly, Gonsalves didn’t mention how many people of color are currently unable to feed their families or pay the bills because they aren’t allowed to go to work.

“So what does it mean to let thousands die by negligence, omission, failure to act, in a legal sense under international law?” he added, seemingly responding to criticism following his first tweet.

When people fought back against his insane claims, Gonsalves blamed the “right-wing mob-machine.”

Is it really a product of the so-called right-wing “mob machine” when people fight back against insane accusations against a sitting president? The suggestion that President Donald Trump is committing mass genocide against non-white people is one of the most unhinged claims made by a leftist so far…and they’ve made some claims!