VILE: AOC Mitch McConnell Was Responsible for Attempted NYPD Assassinations

( – Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is known for being outlandish, but her most recent comments about the attempted assassinations of two police officers in New York City are truly beyond the pale. On Sunday, following the attack, the freshman congresswoman suggested that the Senate Majority Leader mitch McConnell, along with the National Rifle Association, was responsible for the attack.

As opposed to, you know, the person who actually attempted to kill innocent people.

The incident occurred over the weekend when one gunman, over a period of 12 hours, twice attempted to kill New York Police Department officials. He fired at, and wounded, uniformed officers who were stationed in the Bronx. They were considered assassination attempts.

The gunman shot one officer in the chin and neck on Saturday. Then, on Sunday morning, that same gunman opened fire in the NYPD Bronx headquarters. In the Sunday attack, one lieutenant was shot in the arm. He surrendered himself and his gun when he ran out of bullets.

When columnist David Webb asked why Ocasio-Cortez had not offered comment about the attack, which occurred near her district, she said something shocking.

“This is not my district, but our thoughts are with all officers & people impacted by this shooting & the epidemic of gun violence in this country. Perhaps you would get less mixed up if McConnell stood up to the NRA & passed common-sense gun safety measures to reduce shootings.”

The man who was really responsible for the attack was described by Police Commissioner Dermot Shea as a person with a “lengthy violent criminal history.” The attacker had served more than 10 years in prison for a previous attempted murder charge.

Any suggestion by Ocasio-Cortez that Mitch McConnell is responsible, therefore, is wrong. This incident would not have been stopped by gun law reform, as the person who committed the attack was already not eligible to own or purchase a firearm.

Change the laws, and men like this will still find ways to purchase guns. If Ocasio-Cortez had taken a moment to read reports about the incident, perhaps she’d have realized just how wrong she was.

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38 thoughts on “VILE: AOC Mitch McConnell Was Responsible for Attempted NYPD Assassinations

  1. AOCartoon is again displaying her arrogant and evil plan for gun control. She actually thinks she can continue to spout lies and people will swallow them. She needs to be removed.

    1. mspidge, sure she can, She is just a fly off the handle type of person and then plays the victim. Guess she wants her cake and eat it too. I, am I sure you as well, do not buy into her idiotic verbage, She isn’t worth a pot to pea in.

  2. “a person with a “lengthy violent criminal history.” The attacker had served more than 10 years in prison for a previous attempted murder charge. ”

    If this happened in China, well, it would not happen a second time, as the perpetrator would not have been around for a second time…. (get my drift?)

  3. Occasional Cortex is the Roman Candle that darkens the night sky. Every word she utters puts out a light in the firmament.

  4. Did you think that the shooting is a result of the laws in New York. Let’s be honest their will be no bail and he would be free to roam around the city. Maybe AOC should look into the states new laws for the increase in crime.

  5. How can this MORONIC A-HOLE even be allowed to speak with a absent of a BRAIN… let alone her incendiary vitriol comments on things she hasn’t the knowledge of ? GOD PLEASE HELP AMERICA.. with Congress member(S) like her we are in MAJOR DEEP DO-DO.

  6. My father had a saying that goes like this ( put Brain in Gear before you open your mouth ) AOC can’t understand that you think before you speak, but again this is the way of the Left, don’t think 🤔 anyone on the Left thinks things through. Then panic when caught, keep up the good work Dems.

    1. First of all you have to have functioning Brain cells to put in gear ,and so far all the evidence points to AOC not having any of her Two Brain Cells functioning

  7. I would sue her in court for false accusations and defamation of character. She deserves it. If anyone should be blamed it is sanctuary city Communist mayor Defazio for protecting criminals.

    1. Lets put it this way, Buckwheat29, she’s not a genius that’s for sure. and if she would stop sitting on her butt and put what is left of that grey matter in between her ears, I would surmise her IQ is -0 or below.

  8. Always on Crack, is one of the most stupid person I’ve ever seen (not literally seen). Her diatribe is so far off base that even I can’t figure what planet she came from. But I guess that planet is glad to rid themselves of her. She is a one pig disaster and a liability to our Country. But Pelosi loves her. Her Green Deal? Really? Seriously? Look at what she did to the people in the Bronx with Amazon. She denied 2,500 people from earning a good wage. If she is voted back in God help us all… Another thing as well which is she should verify her facts before opening her mouth. But I have to say, she would be a good comedian, Don’t you think?

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