Utah GOP Calls For Romney’s Immediate Resignation

(FreedomJournal.com) – According to a Salt Lake City news and media outlet, Utah’s Republican Party is considering several resolutions after Senator Mitt Romney voted to convict President Donald Trump after the impeachment trials. One of those resolutions, according to 2KUTV, is to call for the immediate resignation of the Republican senator.

Two pending resolutions relating to Romney, initiated by the Utah Republican Party, express their support for the president’s acquittal and also calls for legislation to recall senator Romney. A third resolution, according to 2KUTV, calls for Romney to “immediately resign” from his elected office.

Brandon Beckham, a Republican activist from the region and the author of the resolution expressing support for acquittal, told the news outlet that they “want to express our disapproval of that vote.”

Beckham previously recommended that the party censure Romney as a result, which he says triggered a series of “vile” online attacks against him. “I went through 48 hours of hell,” Beckham claimed.

Chair of the Sanpete County Republican Party Steven Clarke was behind the resolution urging Romney to step down. He told the media, “I feel like Mitt Romney has betrayed the party, betrayed the voters.” He even claimed that he believed Romney had a “vendetta against Trump from the beginning” and that he thinks his actions “have done significant damage to the party.”

The most definitive of the three resolutions, the one calling for legislation to recall the senator, doesn’t specifically reference Romney by name. However, it does say that a “senator failing in his duty that has grieved their constituents” should be recalled.

When asked, Romney’s office did not offer comment on the resolutions. A source close to the senator, however, did say that it’s a “sad day when voting your conscience gets you a reprimand from your own party.”

It’s also a sad day when a so-called Republican senator votes to convict a sitting Republican president who didn’t break any laws!

Romney was the only Republican who chose to vote to remove President Trump from office, which garnered support from some of the most extreme Democrats in Congress, including Elizabeth Warren. It should come as no surprise to Romney and his colleagues that passionately conservative Republicans want to see him removed from office.

Donald Trump Jr. even called for Senator Romney to be expelled from the Republican Party.