U.S. House Trying To REMOVE “Gendered” Language

(FreedomJournal.org)- If Nancy Pelosi has her way, the House of Representatives would “honor all gender identities” and “promote inclusion and diversity.”

House Speaker as well as James McGovern, the chairman of the Rules Committee, are calling the new Rules Package “the most inclusive in history.” The rules is following examples of some educational institutions (the University of Michigan) as well as prominent companies (Twitter) that have removed any language referring to or recognizing two sexes in interpersonal communications and work product.

In other words, any instances of “he or she” would be replaced with “they,” which is grammatically incorrect, or “such Member, Delegate or Resident Commissioner.” The Democrats are also suggesting replacements to other pronouns. “Himself” or “herself” would become “themself,” even though (again) the New Oxford Dictionary says that’s “not widely accepted in standard English.”

Pelosi doesn’t stop there, though.

“Mother” and “father” would be replaced with “parent.” “Aunt” or “uncle” would replaced with “parent’s sibling.” “Grandmother” or “grandfather” would be replaced with “grandparent.”

In typical Nancy Pelosi fashion, she is pushing these new rules, but calls herself a “mother” and “grandmother” on her Twitter bio. She hasn’t come around to changing that to “parent” and “grandparent” yet, I guess.

Not only are Democrats hypocritical, they can be downright silly sometimes, too. In ending the opening prayer on Monday, Representative Emanuel Cleaver from Missouri said “Amen and A-women.”

The word “amen,” though, has nothing to do with men. It’s a Hebrew/Latin word that means “so be it” or “truly.” It has nothing to do with gender at all, yet Cleaver believed it did, apparently.

Matt Walsh pointed out the stupidity on Twitter. He tweeted out a video of Cleaver’s prayer, and added the comment:

“Dems open congress with a prayer that ends ‘amen and awoman.’ Amen is a Latin word that means ‘truly’ or ‘so be it.’ Awoman is a nonsense word that means nothing. Dems find a way to make everything stupid and nonsensical. Utter clowns, all of them.”

What’s more, despite attempting to remove all these gender references from the House rulebook, Pelosi and other Democrats have said nothing about whether they’d stop referring to each other as “congressmen” and “congresswomen.” They also have said nothing about whether “Madam Speaker” Pelosi will get a new title. Maybe “They Speaker” would work out better.

The rules proposal says the House will “give priority consideration to including in the plan a discussion of how the committee’s work will address issues of inequalities on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age or national origin.”

Of course, that might be hard for the committee to do, as they wouldn’t be allowed to speak or write using any of those gender identity pronouns.

Democrats are spending so much time trying to be politically correct that they are forgetting the basic rules of the English language. And while they’re doing this, they’re also being extremely inconsistent and (yet again) extremely hypocritical.