Trump’s MAGA Super Bowl Commercials Were Biggest Social Media Hits

( – While the world talked about the performances by Shakira and J.Lo at the Super Bowl, President Trump’s super bowl commercials somehow managed to become the most talked-about advert of the whole night. The social media storm about the sexual and raunchy nature of the half time show hit the headlines big time, but days later we are only just hearing that Trump’s commercial made a huge impact on the voting public.

Sure, there was the Mr. Peanut commercial, the revival of Groundhog Day, and even an Amazon ad that starred TV host Ellen DeGeneres, but Trump knocked it out the park (pun intended) with his campaign advertisement.

The President first announced that there would be a Super Bowl commercial on Twitter.

After it aired, he tweeted:

“I promised to restore hope in America. That includes the least among us. Together, let’s KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”

The commercial mainly discussed criminal justice reform, an area of policy that Trump has focused on, but which has been overshadowed by fake Russia claims and the great Ukraine and impeachment distraction. In just 30 seconds, Trump showed what his administration had done to get people out of prison and reform the system for the future. It featured Alice Johnson who was convicted to life imprisonment for cocaine trafficking in 1996, but who Trump granted clemency in 2018 after campaigning efforts by Kim Kardashian West.

If the Trump campaign were trying to create a discussion, then they definitely won. Data from Salesforce found that the Trump ad generated the most buzz on social media. According to Salesforce, Trump’s ad generated the most positive buzz about his commercial on social media.

So, this isn’t even a case of liberals getting angry and tweeting about the ad. It turns out that the American people liked what Trump’s supporters had to say in the ad, and considered it a positive contribution. The ad generated 171,849 mentions on Twitter, and 75.6% of those mentions were positive. Budweiser, the world-famous beer brand, generated just 16,527 mentions, and Google only generated 32,069 mentions. Budweiser and Google combined were beaten by…Avocados from Mexico, which generated more than 69,000 mentions.

The liberal press wouldn’t want you to believe it, but it turns out that the American people actually like the President. I mean, it’s not long he won a national election in 2016 or anything…

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