Trump to “Do Nothing Democrats”: “End Your ENDLESS VACATION!”

(FreedomJournal.Org)- President Donald Trump didn’t shy away from confrontation with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Friday when he told them to stop enjoying a vacation and start doing their job.

The president accused the pair of relaxing while Americans are struggling, and while he and his White House Coronavirus Task Force continue working to reopen the economy.

“Today people started losing their jobs because of Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, who should immediately come back to Washington and approve legislation to help families in America,” he said.


Trump’s comments come after Speaker Pelosi was seen in an interview with TV host James Cordon on his late-night show. Pelosi was sat in front of two $24,000 refrigerators that were literally packed full of expensive ice cream. It looks like she had a fantastic Easter weekend!

Pelosi’s luxurious refrigerators and laid-back lifestyle at home during Easter made the divide between her and her constituents very real for a lot of people. As the Washington Examiner noted, the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. The president might be a billionaire, but he doesn’t go home and eat ice cream during this pandemic. Pelosi and co, however, are staying at home and blocking important funds for American businesses.

Congressional Democrats have been under fire recently for standing in the way of giving more money to the Small Business Administration. Just as they did during the third phase of the coronavirus economic relief package, the Democrats obstructed the move and blocked an additional $250 billion being granted to the program to help businesses across the United States.

They want to cost the economy billions (trillions, even) with a Green New Deal, but they won’t give businesses the support they need during a global pandemic?