Trump Shrugs Off Cindy McCain’s Biden Endorsement, “Cindy Can Have Sleepy Joe!”

( President Donald Trump shrugged off the endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by the widow of neocon Republican Senator John McCain this week, saying the two can have each other.

Cindy McCain came forward on Wednesday with her support of the far-left Democratic candidate, prompting President Donald Trump to remind people that Biden was “John McCain’s lapdog” who joined him in making many bad decisions, including the Iraq War.

“I hardly know Cindy McCain other than having put her on a Committee at her husband’s request,” the president said.

“Joe Biden was John McCain’s lapdog. So many BAD decisions on Endless Wars & the V.A., which I brought from a horror show to HIGH APPROVAL. Never a fan of John. Cindy can have Sleep Joe!”

While McCain likely knew the president wouldn’t care about her endorsement, it indicates that the widow seems to believe her endorsement may hold some sway with the public. Which seems unlikely looking at how well President Trump did in 2016 by slamming McCain and other hawkish Republicans for their endorsement of endless foreign wars.

In her endorsement, which she published on Twitter, McCain described how her husband lived by a “country first” code.

“We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost,” she added. “There’s only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation, and that is @JoeBiden.”

Values like…burning down cities if you don’t get what you want?