Trump Reportedly Preparing For “Next Administration”

( Mark Meadows told Sean Hannity on Fox News on Thursday that former President Donald Trump is “planning for the next administration” and working on how the “America First” agenda will move ahead in the coming years.

The former White House Chief of Staff during the Trump administration was asked about the former president’s official return to the public arena as he was expected to speak on the final night of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday.

“Well you’re going to see a speech on Sunday that talks about not only the beginning, but what the future may look like, and I’m excited about it,” Meadows said.

“I spoke to President Trump last night for a fairly lengthy conversation where we were talking about America, where it needs to go, continuing the America First agenda,” he added. “But more importantly than that, how this President, Biden, has undermined that particular policy within days. And we see it.”

Meadows said that CPAC attendees should expect to see the former president lay out his plans for the next administration, at least in some limited way, during the speech.

On the former president’s plans for appointments in the next administration, Meadows suggested that “the people that are at the top of that list, all of them have Trump as their last name.”

If true, it could indicate that the former president is preparing to run again in 2024, and could create a second administration that consists of more trusted colleagues and family members.

The New York Post also revealed that the former president would call himself the “presumptive 2024 nominee” during his speech, in the strongest indication yet that he is not shying away from the next big fight with the Democrats and the Republican establishment.

Polls continually show that former President Trump leads the 2024 primary polls and that some 46% of the Republican Party supports him so much that they would leave the party if Trump were to establish a third party.

Some 80% of Republicans would also not back GOP candidates in the 2022 midterms if they voted against the former president, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll.

Before making a final decision to run again in 2024, former President Trump is expected to use his influence in the Republican Party to primary challenge the 10 House Republicans who voted to convict him during Democrat-initiated impeachment trials, along with the seven GOP Senators who voted to convict him.

If the former president does form a new administration after the 2024 election, he’ll need a united party to avoid the risk of another impeachment trial initiated by angry Democrats.