Trump Indicates $2 Trillion “BIG AND BOLD” Infrastructure Bill on the Way

(FreedomJournal.Org)- As President Donald Trump continues working to minimize the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Congress continues to hash out new deals on what money should be available to the American people and how it should be made available. After passing the Phase 3 economic stimulus bill last week, the President indicated on Tuesday that the Phase 4 bill will focus on infrastructure.

Specifically, the president indicated a massive $2 trillion infrastructure bill is on the way. In a tweet, Trump referenced the decision by the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates to almost zero, stating, “this is the time to do our decades long-awaited Infrastructure Bill.”

Even before the coronavirus, President Trump has discussed the importance of fixing American infrastructure. Now might just be the perfect time to get it done.

Trump said the bill should be “VERY BIG & BOLD” and focused on jobs and rebuilding the infrastructure of the country – something sorely needed after weeks and months of economic shut down in the United States.

In February, Trump outlined a proposed infrastructure plan. Following through from his comments during the State of the Union Address, Trump attempted to gain momentum in Congress to commit to spending on American infrastructure, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional colleagues just weren’t interested in listening.

It seems the Democrats are more interested in giving illegal immigrants free money than actually spending money on making the lives of all American citizens better.

President Trump has continually tried to pass legislation through the Senate and House but faced opposition every time. Even during the Phase 3 negotiations, Senate Democrats refused to support the bill and instead put forward their own coronavirus economic stimulus bill that was packed full of Green New Deal policies.

Trump’s infrastructure bill could be a welcome addition to American life, after three million people applied for unemployment benefits in recent weeks.

The American people need investment, and now!