Trump Defender Eric Greitens Running For U.S. Senate

( Republican Senator for Missouri, Roy Blunt announced on March 8 that he would not be seeking re-election in the 2022 midterms, leaving the seat open to a new-era, pro-Trump Republican candidate.

And Trump supporter Eric Greitens is stepping up to the plate.

Greitens, the former Governor of Missouri, revealed during an interview on Fox News that he was encouraged by Missouri residents to run for the seat.

“I have been so encouraged by the people of Missouri that I’m happy to announce tonight that I am running for the United States Senate to continue serving the people of Missouri,” he said.

Greitens has long supported President Donald Trump and is a frequent guest on Steve Bannon’s podcast.

Dylan Johnson, a spokesman for Greitens campaign, said that the former governor “is proud to stand with President Trump for America first values.”

“Eric has always fought for other people – as a Navy SEAL and as a governor,” he said. “Eric is talking with friends and fired-up supporters about how to continue his service.”

The former governor has drawn a lot of support from Trump supporters online, but the excitement about his campaign is not exactly universal. President Donald Trump is even reported to have heard from Republicans across the country who have warned him that Greitens might be one of the few GOP candidates who could actually lose to a Democrat in the state.

After resigning in 2018 over allegations of sexually assaulting a woman, Greitens has terrified many Republicans who fear that the scandal could overshadow his campaign and hurt the Republicans.

Politico reported that Republican leaders are so concerned about his candidacy that they “aren’t ruling out taking aggressive steps to stop Greitens from winning the nomination, including waging a slashing advertising campaign against him.”

Greitens isn’t the only pro-Trump candidate and will now face down state Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick, Reps. Ann Wagner, Jason Smith, and Vicky Hartzler, as well as state Attorney General Erich Schmitt.

The Senate Leadership fund has reportedly engaged in discussions about how to stop Greitens from running for the seat over fears that a Republican loss could hurt the state’s strong conservative hold.

Scott Reed, a former senior political strategist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, even called him a “clear and present danger to botching the race for the GOP.”

But others feel different, with pro-Trump website The Gateway Pundit announcing, “GREAT NEWS!” after the former governor’s announcement.

This race is about to get rocky.