Trump Declassifies Asia Strategy That Shows Trump Taking Action AGAINST China

(FreedomJournal)- In his final days as President of the United States, Donald Trump has this week declassified a strategy document from the National Security Council prepard in 2018. The declassification occurred years ahead of time and outlined the strategy put forward by President Donald Trump’s administration that would have focused on the Indo-Pacific region.

It appears to be a move designed to inform the public about what the president had planned to do with the region had he secured a second term as president. It also details the United States strategic framework for stopping China’s expension in the region.

ABC News of Australia publicly speculated that the document was released early to maintain America’s strategy into the next administration…if the incoming Biden administration even cares.

Rory Medcalf, the head of National Security at the Australia National University, said that it is a “highly significant document.”

“It’s extraordinary that it’s been released decades early,” he added. “I think it’s a signal about the kind of continuity that the permanent government of America, or if you like the officials, want to see in America’s relations with the Indo-Pacific, including in managing China’s power.”

Sources in Washington who were familiar with the development of the strategy under the Trump administration reportedly said that Australia and Japan played important parts in influencing the strategy.

Another source also told ABC that the document was released to reassure America’s allies the they “not fading away, but doubling down.”

Whether the incoming Biden administration will continue with any Trump strategy remains unclear, however, as Democrats have maintained their angry anti-Trump campaign even into the final days of his presidency. On Wednesday, House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump for a second day, incorrectly claiming that he had incited a violent riot on Capitol Hill on January 6.

One-time National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, who was the main author of the document, said that the decision to declassify the files came from Robert O’Brien, the current National Security Advisor. O’Brien said that the releasing of the document would communication to the American people, allies, and partners, that there is an “enduring commitment of the United States to keeping the Indo-Pacific region free and open long into the future.”

So will Beijing Biden agree? Or is the United States about to embark on a new path of appeasing Chinese communists no matter the risk they pose?

Just a week to go until we find out…