Some Want To Force Out A Candidate In Canada Because He Believes, ‘Being Gay Is A Choice’

( – Richard Décarie was hoping to be a part of the Conservative Party race in 2020 in Canada. However, that might come to a crashing halt quickly because of his apparently bigoted views. 

While Décarie hasn’t actually registered to run in the election, many senior Torries are calling on their Conservative Party to block his candidacy. Why? Because of this statement he gave to Evan Solomon of CTV: 

“Being ‘gay’ is a choice.” 

Décarie didn’t stop there, though. He backed up his statement by saying to CBC that, “marriage should be exclusive between a man and a woman, like it was traditionally. The base of a family that is the base of a society.”  

Those comments immediately sparked backlash from Calgary M.P. Michelle Rempel Garner and other top-level Torries. They feel his comments should eliminate him from contention in the race. 

Still, Décarie has his supporters, including the powerful M.P. Derek Sloan, who is already predicted will make it difficult for the committee to reject Décarie‘s candidacy because of what he said.  

For his own part, Sloan said he doesn’t agree with Décarie‘s comments at all, telling CTV that one’s sexual proclivity is “scientifically unclear” at the moment.  

“Science right now is saying that, yes, there’s biological components, but there’s many other factors that play into it and they don’t even know how they all work together,” he said. 

Sloan will not be running on a platform that will bring gay marriage into the debate at all, he said. He further believes that Décarie‘s comments were blown out of proportion a bit.  

Décarie also said that there are others in his party that have expressed similar views to him privately, and that they all deserve to be heard. In two tweets sent on January 27, he wrote: 

  • When asked last week if I should be allowed to run, John Williamson MP said,Absolutely. Look, we’re going to have a robust debate, I think, on all the issues across the conservative spectrum.”
  •  When Arnold Viersen MP was asked last week if I should be allowed, he said, “It comes off as elitist if we say, well, ‘You’re a correct kind of conservative, and you’re not a correct conservative. We’re a big tent party.”

Décarie is also gaining support from others who say that, no matter what he believes, he should have a right to express his views and debate about them.  

Tanya Granic Allen, who once ran in a leadership race in Ontario, is one of those people, saying, in part: “Candidates who think that they are the deciders as to what is allowed to be debated or not, candidates who speak ill of social conservatives like that, in my opinion, they have no place in the Conservative Party; they should be running in the Communist Party.” 

What comes of this situation in Canada’s Conservative Party race for 2020 has yet to be seen. But it looks like, for now, free speech will win out over one group’s views. 

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28 thoughts on “Some Want To Force Out A Candidate In Canada Because He Believes, ‘Being Gay Is A Choice’

  1. I believe that the Canadian candidate is correct, and if gay people believe living gay is a choice, what’s wrong with exercising such a choice
    and being as open as possible about it?

  2. The LBQTs do not want equal rights, they want special rights which will allow them to cram their views down our throats. Forcing people to do things against their will is not freedom, it is coercion, and should be a crime.

  3. Sounds like a good upstanding candidate It’s refreshing to see someone express an opinion that is shared by many but suppressed by LGBTQ bullies

  4. Marriage between a man and a woman is not a bigoted view, it is the view of normal people.
    Anyone that thinks different needs a psychiatrist.

  5. Richard Decarie is 110% RIGHT. It is a evil sinful choice. Anyone that says different is Biblically Ignorant and doesn’t know what God the Creator has to say. You have suppress the Truth and exchanged the Truth for a lie. Read Romans chapter One in the New Testament. Your foundation is built on a sin factor and unreliable feelings/emotions.
    Read without bias and be open to the Truth.

  6. I don’t live in Canada thank God. I agree with Decarie being gay is a choice !!!!! A selfish, Nasty one !!!!!With two women it’s all about the artificial toys. With two men it’s all about the Wrong entrance !!!!! Yikes !

  7. Is it really being bigoted, to recognize that choosing to be gay is indeed a choice?
    All things remain exactly as they were the day you were born. The only thing that
    changes is the opinion of what you think you should be. Opinions come and go but,
    facts are always there to eventually haunt you back into reality.

  8. Freedom of speech should be paramount.
    How can we have a debate if one view is not even allowed to be expressed?
    What are the people against such personal expressions afraid of?

  9. It’s sad that just because a person has morals and speaks the truth he is attacked by those whom have no morels and no control over there perverted and demented urges.

  10. What? Are you telling me that there is someone in Canada who is actually intelligent enough to NOT believe the garbage that the leftist so-called scientists spew about queers? I may just have to move to Canada to vote for this guy! Go get em Décarie!

  11. What? Are you telling me that there is someone in Canada who is actually intelligent enough to NOT believe the garbage that the leftist so-called scientists spew about these weirdos? I may just have to move to Canada to vote for this guy! Go get em Décarie!

  12. The worst thing those people are doing is adopting children & having the children get very bad operations, to change
    their bodies. (LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE). These (gamora & sodom) call themselves (GAY) . ARE they happy gay?
    or another (GAY)?
    MAYBE these children will grow up & seek revenge, if they do I hope the laws of Judges & the lord will forgive these

  13. I have already responded to this article and I say Dido, dido, dido to what I said before. Those of you who are against Richard Decarie are ignorant of being born gay. You were NOT born gay, nor do you have gay genes. GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES !!!!! He made male and female to be together as partners in marriage and pro-create. If you don’t believe me, someday you can ask God face to face, but then it will be late for your soul and on into a dark, hopeless eternity. READ and THINK about Romans 1 in the New Testament in the Bible.

  14. Canucks have gone off the deep end and down the rabbit hole of political correctness. It’s fashionable now there to be anti-Bible, and to view Christian beliefs as bigoted and hate speech. What an upside down world we’ve Become, Satan is ruling and forming the liberals point of view.

  15. Unfortunately, the alphabet movement has become very powerful due to evil corruption and financiers. It’s just a matter of time before God’s wrath will come upon us, as it just keeps getting worse.

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