Romney Says GOP Must Publicly Hail Biden For “Unity”

( So-called “Republican” Senator for Utah, Mitt Romney, attended an online forum organized by the Economic Club of Chicago on Tuesday. During the meeting, he praised Democrats, appeared alongside far-left Senator Amy Klobuchar, and called on Republicans to support President Joe Biden.

Specifically, Romney called on Republicans to publicly announce that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election and dismiss the shocking and overwhelming evidence of misconduct and fraud that took place.

Speaking alongside a smiling Klobuchar, Romney addressed the anger and division but seemed to pin it on Republicans…and not on Democrats who have been endorsing and supporting rioting for at least the last year.

“There is no question that the nation is divided now, and there is a lot of anger,” he said. “To the people on my side who say an impeachment trial is going to inflame passions more, I say, first of all, have you gone out publicly and said that there was not widespread voter fraud and that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States?”

Romney claimed that if a Republican has said then, then he is happy to listen to them. But if they haven’t, then…well, he’s not interested.

“But if you haven’t said that, that’s really what’s at the source of the anger right now,” he falsely claimed.

Since the death of George Floyd in 2020, Democrats have egged on riots and ignored them when they occurred. Vice President Kamala Harris insisted on national television that they “will not stop” and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even encouraged uprisings.


Romney ignored the evidence presented in several evidentiary hearings in the weeks following the presidential election which included thousands of sworn affidavits from witnesses and data analysis.

Matt Braynard, a data analyst, also documented tens of thousands of illegal votes and the addresses used by those who cast them.

Romney said that to achieve national unity, Republicans must “rely on truth and justice.”

This is the guy who attended a Black Lives Matter protest. Just saying…

“Justice being carried out is something which the American people expect,” he added, before describing the tragic violence that unfolded in D.C. on January 6, which was condemned by President Donald Trump.

Will Mitt Romney ever give up his anti-Trump tirade?