RIGGED: Roger Stone’s Sentencing WON’T Be Delayed

(FreedomJournal.com) – Despite an entirely reasonable request from defense attorneys to delay the sentencing of Roger Stone, judges have decided they will go ahead with his case on Thursday.

The decision has proven controversial after it was revealed a lead juror in the case held extreme anti-Trump (and anti-Stone) bias. Stone’s defense team submitted a request for a retrial and to delay sentencing as a result of the bias, and even the president called it out as a flawed trial.

Trump condemned the former prosecutors in the case who resigned from their roles after the Justice Department reversed their recommendation that Stone serve an inappropriately long sentence of nine years.

Then, when it came out that Tomeka Hart, the lead juror in the case, ran in a Democratic primary to become a congressional candidate in 2012, the president even suggested the case should be thrown out. Hart’s social media included comments calling Trump supporters “racist,” and she even compared the president to the Ku Klux Klan. Hart’s extreme comments, and her bias, was considered so bad that the Stone defense team rightly believed a new trial was necessary.

But despite all the evidence, the judges don’t seem to agree. Refusing to take the president’s advice, Judge Amy Berman Jackson said she plans to go ahead with sentencing regardless.

“I think that delaying this sentence would not be a prudent thing to do under all of the circumstances,” she said in a phone conference with the lawyers involved with the case.

The saving grace? Jackson at least agreed that the sentencing will not go into effect until a final decision has been made about whether Stone will receive a new trial. So, if he really is sent down for nine years, there’s still a chance that Stone will receive the fair trial every American deserves.

There is hope yet.