REVEALED: What’s Coming in the Next Phase of Coronavirus Legislation

(FreedomJournal.Org)- After the Democrats tried to stall the last round of coronavirus economic relief legislation and failing to shoe-horn in far-left policies that had nothing to do with the Chinese virus outbreak, sanity finally prevailed and the third phase of the legislation passed.

It was worth some $2 trillion and focused largely on providing economic relief directly to American citizens. The Senate passed the bill on March 25, over a week ago, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced recently that the “odds are high” for the fourth round of legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also indicated that another round of legislation is on the way to help America during this time of crisis. During a press conference held last Thursday, Pelosi explained what she envisioned the next piece of legislation including and explained how she believes the “Big Four” leaders in Congress should be working together to hash out the details.

This week, CBS News reported that the next bill will cost roughly $760 billion, with a further $10 billion to be given directly to community health centers across the country.

The news outlet also specified that the following areas of investment will be included in the proposed legislation:

• Public Safety Communications
• Broadband and Communications
• Clean Energy
• Drinking-Water
• Brownfield Restoration
• Harbor Infrastructure
• Water Infrastructure
• Modern Highways and Highway Safety Investments
• Transit Investment
• Rail Investments
• Airport investments
• Clean Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

A big task, but something that President Trump has been calling for more work to be done on for many years already. Could it really take a global pandemic for the Democrats to finally realize that more work needs to be done on America’s infrastructure?

Way back in 2018, the president announced that Congressional Republicans and Democrats joined his cabinet to discuss infrastructure, but the Democrats ultimately refused to back any kind of meaningful investment. Why? They don’t like the president!

Now, it looks like America might finally see some of that all-important infrastructure, but it could take a while. The House and Senate are currently in recess until April 20, meaning it will be weeks until a vote can take place.

And, who knows what kind of far-left policies the Democrats might try and force into the legislation in the meantime?