President Trump Signs Executive Order That Seeks To Further Deregulation

( President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that could result in a major overhaul of regulations.
The executive order instructs federal regulatory agencies to examine the regulatory actions that have been taken during the coronavirus pandemic, and suggest to the White House which, if any, should be made permanent. There have been more than 600 regulatory actions taken in response to the pandemic.
At a Cabinet meeting before signing his executive order, Trump said:
“We’ve done far more regulation cutting than any president in history. We had cases where it would take 20 years to build a highway, you had to go through various agencies to get the same permit.”
And as Russ Vought, the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, said:
“If a bureaucratic rule needs to be suspended during a time of crisis to help the American people, we should ask ourselves if it makes sense to keep at all.”
In addition to seeing which deregulations should become permanent, Trump’s executive order will seek to find the best ways to identify other regulations currently still in place that could be suspended in order to help the economy jumpstart.
Agencies will be asked to identify any authorities they might have that would lead to getting people back to work. The order instructs the agencies to send that list over to the OMB.
“I’m directing agencies to review the hundreds of regulations we’ve already suspended in response to the virus and make these suspensions permanent where possible. You have a right to do something that nobody would ever have thought you would have the right to do that,” Trump told leaders of the various federal agencies.
“I just want you to go to town and do it right, do it proper, make sure everything is safe, and make sure it’s environmentally good for those of you that are in that category, but it’s very important.”
“Typically, when our country has faced a crisis, Washington responds by grabbing more power,” Vought said. “President Trump understands that to get the economy moving, the power needs to be given back to the people and entrepreneur.”
Trump’s order also instructs federal agencies to not over-enforce regulations, specifically on nonprofits and small businesses.
“With millions of Americans forced out of work by the virus, it’s more important than ever to remove burdens that destroy American jobs,” Trump said. He also said he wants the agencies to “use the emergency authorities to speed up regulation cuts for new rules that will create jobs and prosperity and get rid of unnecessary rules and regulations.”
While the Trump administration has pushed a deregulation policy from the start of his time in office, he had increased the focus on deregulation during the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically in regard to health care, the administration has removed regulations concerning telemedicine, and has removed various barriers that were in place so that a cure and/or vaccine for the coronavirus are developed more quickly.