President Trump Launches “Moms For Trump” in New Campaign Push

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Despite the continued spread of the Chinese coronavirus, the November presidential election is on its way and campaigns are starting to kick into high gear. President Donald Trump is maintaining his positive momentum and recently launched a “Moms For Trump” coalition.

The announcement was made before Mother’s Day in an online broadcast, which aired last Saturday evening. In the video, Trump adviser Katrina Pierson was joined by Lara Trump, Kimberley Guilfoyle, and Mercedes Schlapp to talk about the issues affecting families across the United States.

Speaking to the Daily Caller News Foundation before the broadcast went live, wife of Eric Trump, Lara Trump, expressed her confidence that President Trump can rebuild the economy following the disaster caused by the coronavirus.

“President Trump built up our roaring economy once with his America First policies, and he is the only person who can do it again,” she said. “Mothers across the country are quickly recognizing that Joe Biden’s disastrous policies would be detrimental for our nation’s families and harmful to the future of our children.”

Organizers say that the new coalition will “mobilize and empower mothers, aunts, grandmothers and nanas across their nation,” to share how President Trump’s pro-America policies have positively affected their families. It is a huge effort being made by the Trump campaign to soften Trump’s macho image which has drawn a great deal of support from men across the country, but which often turns women away.

“Women across the country know that four more years of President Trump’s policies guarantee safer communities, stronger families, and the bright future our children and future generates deserve,” a press release said.

In the broadcast, which was pre-filmed and aired live on YouTube, Trump campaigners talked about the coronavirus and how the Trump administration is looking to get the economy reopened safely and as soon as possible. They talked about Shelley Luther, the Dallas, Texas salon owner who disobeyed a judge and refused to close down her business.

Luther hit national headlines after telling a judge she would not apologize for letting her staff come to work and earn money to feed their children.

Panelists in the broadcast praised Luther’s “heroic actions” and also talked about the Democrats’ response to accusations of sexual assault that were made against presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden.