Pollster MOCKED By Left-Wing Pundits Was Most Accurate In 2020 Election

(FreedomJournal.org)- While the results of the 2020 presidential election are still unknown, despite mainstream media outlets suggesting otherwise, we do know that the pollsters were completely wrong. And, this time, the pro-Trump pollster that was mocked by left-wing pundits turned out to be the most accurate.

The Trafalgar Group, a polling organization that accurately predicted the 2016 election, was more accurate than other pollsters despite being labeled “crazy” by the press. Nate Silver, the left-wing pollster and media personality, said that the polls published by the organization were “crazy.”

So how wrong were most pollsters?

Well, in states that President Donald Trump easily won, the pollsters predicted that Joe Biden would win easily. The polls in Ohio were 7.1% off. In Iowa, they were 6.2% off, and in Florida, 4.3% off. The Daily Wire reports that in Wisconsin, where polls showed Biden would beat President Trump by an average of 6.7%, the actual margin was only 0.6% at 95% votes reporting.

The Trafalgar Group, on the other hand, was significantly more accurate. The polling organization was the only one to consistently predict that President Donald Trump would win the state, with their average polling giving him a 2.5% lead over Joe Biden. It was less than one percentage point away from the actual 3.4% margin President Donald Trump enjoyed on the night.

As a side note – isn’t it interesting that President Trump can easily win Florida by massively increasing his support among Hispanics and other minority voters, but lose in other battleground states where the election boards are controlled by Democrats?


Trafalgar was accurate in Ohio, too. President Donald Trump won the state with a massive 8.2%, and the polling group was the only one that consistently showed President Trump in the lead. They gave an average lead of 4.5% to the president, while not a single one of Quinnipiac’s polls correctly predicted the outcome.

In fact, the polling organization suggested Biden would have a 3.3% lead over the president. Rasmussen also gave Biden a 1.25% advantage to Biden.

In Michigan, Trafalgar was also the most accurate polling group. Despite incorrectly suggesting the president would win (though, the results are yet to be confirmed and court cases could overturn a Biden victory here), the polling group was only 3.5% off the final result.

Could the polling organizations really have been this wrong again, or could something else be at play here?

President Donald Trump and his supporters have already suggested that the wildly inaccurate polls could have been an attempt at election interference, discouraging Trump voters to turn out on the basis that it looked almost certain he would lose.