Poll Shows Americans Blame Pelosi For Holding Out On COVID Relief Bill

(FreedomJournal.org)- A new poll shows that Americans are smart people. The survey, conducted by YouGov between October 9 and 11, shows that some 43% of registered voters believe that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the lack of COVID-19 relief funds in recent months.

It was 3% more than those who believe that President Donald Trump is responsible for the COVID relief bill not passing through Congress.

17% of the 1,525 registered voters who were asked said that they were not sure who was responsible.

YouGov explains how, when broken down by party affiliation, an overwhelming majority of Republicans say that it is Nancy Pelosi’s fault and an overwhelming majority of Democrats think it is President Trump’s fault. That probably won’t come as much of a surprise to anybody.

But, when broken down generally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi receives the most blame for the holding out on relief funds to American workers and businesses that have been impacted by the lockdowns.

The same was true for independents, but with a larger margin blaming Nancy Pelosi.

“45% of self-identified independents said Pelosi is more responsible for the failure to reach a deal, compared to 30% who said it was Trump’s fault,” YouGov reported. “25% of independents were unsure.”

The fact that independents blame Nancy Pelosi more than President Donald Trump could have a significant impact on the election. While polls repeatedly show that Joe Biden is ahead in the race, they said the same in 2016, and the vote ultimately comes down to how independents decide to vote in swing states.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gotten particularly tetchy over the issue of COVID relief, recently shouting at CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer during an interview this week. When the veteran news anchor and journalist asked Pelosi about the lack of progress on a COVID relief bill, she lashed out and called him an “apologist” for the president and Republicans.

Blitzer asked her whether the refusal to come to a deal was about stopping the president getting any credit.

“I don’t care about that, He’s not that important, but let me say this, with all due respect, you really don’t know what you are talking about,” she responded.

Is it any wonder people blame her?