Pelosi Attacks Politicians For Not Social Distancing Despite Letting COVID Patient On House Floor

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter to her congressional colleagues this week, urging them to follow social distancing rules and stop causing her bad press.

In the letter, she referenced examples of members of Congress violating rules that the rest of the country are expected to follow.

“With a sense of urgency, I write about respecting proper health and safety guidelines on the Floor, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Pelosi wrote on Monday.

“The unexpected intervention yesterday evening relating to not seating Members from states subject to an Electoral count challenge resulted in Members ignoring the Floor procedures that were established to keep Members safe,” Pelosi explained.

It revealed a flaw in the recent vaccinations of members of Congress. One the one hand, Democrats insist that people should follow the science, and the science says that vaccines work and people should take them.

On the other hand, Pelosi doesn’t want to appear hypocritical. She definitely remembers the heat she took for breaking social distancing and lockdown rules earlier this year when she got caught at a salon getting her hair done.

Pelosi’s letter referenced a gathering of lawmakers on the floor in a large group after Republican Rep. Chip Roy from Texas made the shocking suggestions that any congressman who objects to the Electoral College results should lose their seats. Rep. Roy said that lawmakers from Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, should be removed from Congress for using their constitutional power to object to fraudulent results.

The footage of the gathering was shared widely online, with very clear clips showing politicians ignoring the rules they expect the rest of the country to follow.

Pelosi told her colleagues that as Members of Congress, they are “considered essential workers.”

She said that everybody must take their responsibility seriously to wear masks at all times, practice social distancing, and limit the number of Members on the Floor.

God forbid Nancy Pelosi gets caught out again.