NYT Admits Trump Is Right, Pandemic Will Be Over “Far Sooner” Than Initially Expected

(FreedomJournal.org)- Far-left newspaper The New York Times reported this week how experts believe that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic may be over “far sooner” than originally expected – something President Donald Trump has been saying for months.

The Times explained how experts have “genuine confidence” that the pandemic is coming to an end, and that the Operation Warp Speed put into place by the president has been “working with remarkable efficiency” in developing, manufacturing, and distributing therapeutics and diagnostics.

The report flies in the face of claims by the Democrats, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, that President Trump has failed in his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With only three weeks of the presidential campaign left, the news will be welcomed by the president and a giant pain for the Democrats.

New York Times science reporter Donald McNeil wrote how events have moved faster than he believed possible, and that he is now “cautiously optimistic.”

“Experts are saying, with genuine confidence, that the pandemic in the United States will be over far sooner than they expected, possibly by the middle of next year,” he added.

The report explains how the United States is performing much better than it did during Spanish influenza, which saw 675,000 Americans lose their lives. At the time of that pandemic, the country’s population was 103 million, which would be the equivalent of 2 million dead from COVID-19 today. The number, however, is in the hundreds of thousands.

Operation Warp Speed is paying off. National Journal columnist Josh Kraushaar published an extract of the report and said that the Trump campaign “would be wise” to cite the story as part of its closing message.

The section he cited claimed that, “Despite the chaos in day-to-day politics and the fighting over issues like masks and lockdowns, Operation Warp Speed – the government’s agreement to subsidize vaccine companies’ clinical trials and manufacturing costs – appears to be working with remarkable efficiency.”

It also said that the government’s plan has spent more than $11 billion into seven different vaccine candidates, with the FDA set to approve any vaccine that proves at least 50% efficacy in preventing or reducing the severity of the virus.

It must hurt for the New York Times to admit the president is right.