New York College Will FORCE Students To Take COVID Test Before Leaving For Thanksgiving

( Students at the State University of New York (SUNY) have been informed that they will not be allowed to return home for Thanksgiving unless they test negative for COVID-19 first. The shocking news was reported by ABC on Monday, suggesting that the New York university was among a “small number of institutions that are mandating testing as part of its Thanksgiving break plan.”

The report explained how testing is currently underway across dozens of campuses, with students being required to test negative within 10 days of leaving campus to return home. Not only is it a massive infringement on rights, but also doesn’t take into consideration the very real possibility that somebody contracts the virus within the ten days after taking the test.

Students are reportedly being encouraged to take their test as close to their departure date as possible, with some 140,000 students at SUNY alone being required to self-administer the saliva swab test.

Chancellor of the State University of New York, Jim Malatras, defended the decision to ABC News.

“The health experts said you need to wind down your semester after Thanksgiving break and then go all remote because you don’t want people traveling back and forth I the cold months,” he said. “We don’t want to send our students home, possibly infected.”

Not only will students be told they should not return home if they test positive within those ten days – despite ten days being the typical time it takes to recover from the virus – they will also be advised that the next semester will be virtual.

With a COVID-19 vaccine ready to be administered to the nation’s most vulnerable people within a matter of weeks, the decision has left many students wondering why they cannot return to class as normal for the new year.

“Students who test negative go home with peace of mind knowing that they are not carrying a virus that could endanger a loved one over the holiday,” Malatras said. “The mandated test also reassures communities that returning students are not bringing COVID-19 home with them. We know that one or two infected people re-entering a community can be enough to spark a major surge in cases.”

Malatras addressed the fact that a “handful of people have criticized the measures” and dismissed their concerns about the mandates test infringing on their rights.

Despite dismissing the issue of rights and individual liberty, Malatras admitted they had been among the “most aggressive” in the country dealing with COVID.

If you’re a student at SUNY, it looks like next semester you’ll be back to learning from home…until who knows when.