New York CANCELS Democrat Primary, Hands Victory to Biden

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Remember a few weeks ago when Senator Bernie Sanders was reportedly looking to win the New York primary after reigniting his campaign in the state? Well, if he had gone through with that plan, the news that the primary has been canceled would have come as tough news.

New York Democrats, for the very first time, have canceled the primary vote that was expected to take place on June 23. The State Board of Elections voted on Monday to cancel the vote, but will still hold state-level and congressional primaries on the same day.

It’s claimed that the decision was made to protect people from contracting and spreading the coronavirus, but the claim is hard to defend given other elections are expected to take place on the same day.

Jay Jacobs, the chairman of the New York Democratic party, said that canceling the primary will mean a lower turnout.

“It just makes so much sense given the extraordinary nature of the challenge,” he said.

Despite Senator Bernie Sanders having dropped out of the race, many of his supporters are still not on board the Joe Biden campaign and were planning on voting for Bernie in the primaries regardless. This decision hands the victory to Joe Biden, a controversial candidate even among the Democrats following a series of disastrous media interviews and accusations of sexual assault from former staffer Tara Reade.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York Democratic Party reportedly said they didn’t request that the change be made by the state election commissioners, but that they went ahead and did it anyway. The powers to cancel the primary were granted to them in a budget passed recently that gives the board of elections the ability to remove the names of candidates who have suspended their campaigns from the ballots.

Bernie Bros won’t like that, and Sanders knows it. The Vermont Senator had his lawyer send a letter to the commissioners, specifically requesting that the primary not be canceled.

“Senator Sanders has collaborated with state parties, the national party and the Biden campaign, to strengthen the Democrats by aligning the party’s progressive and moderate wings. His removal from the ballot would hamper those efforts, to the detriment of the party in the general election,” the letter read.

Looks like the Democrats have already chosen their winner!