NEW SECRETS: Ilhan Omar’s Friend Breaks Open Her Marriage Scandal

( – Ilhan Omar is full of secrets, isn’t she? Rumor after rumor has cast doubt on her marriage claims. She told us she didn’t marry her brother, but it looks like she did. She didn’t cheat, but she paid for her husband’s silence. Something is clearly fishy, and now a friend of the far-left congresswoman is speaking out about her marriage to her brother.

Omar’s friend, a member of the large Somali community in Minneapolis, told the media that Omar married her brother to help him get into school in the United States.

The Daily Mail reported that Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on public record accusing Omar of not just marrying her brother, but doing so in order to cheat the American immigration system. The news outlet said Osman accused the congresswoman of making the decision to marry her brother, while she was already married to Ahmed Hirsi, to help him stay in the country.

Osman explained how people started noticing that Omar and her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, were spending time with a “very effeminate guy.”

“He was very feminine in the way he dressed, he would wear light lipstick and pink clothes and very, very short shorts in the Summer. People started whispering about him,” Osman said.

Osman also described how he had been told by both Hirsi and Omar that her brother “had been living in London” but that he was mixing with a bad crowd and the family wasn’t happy with it. Allegedly, Omar’s family then sent her brother to Minneapolis as a form of “rehab.”

“She said she needed to get papers for her brother to go to school. We all thought we was just getting papers together to allow him to stay in this country.” Osman added. “Once she had the papers they could apply for student loans. They both moved to North Dakota to go to school but she was still married to [Hirsi]. In the Somali way, the only marriage that mattered was the one in the mosque.”

The allegations, therefore, mean that a legal marriage doesn’t mean anything to Omar or her family, as the only marriage that matters is one that takes place in the eyes of Allah. All the more reason for her not to care about doing something illegal (and wrong!)

While the claims are often dismissed by Democrats as conspiracy theories, the FBI, ICE, and even the Department of Education are reviewing the allegations. If Omar is found to have committed marriage fraud, it could result in a fine of up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison.