New Poll Says Most Americans Think Biden Is Just the Radical Left’s Puppet

( President Joe Biden is meant to be the most popular presidential candidate in history, supposedly winning more legitimate votes than President Barack Obama did in 2008, and yet polls keep showing that Americans just don’t like him very much.

A Rasmussen poll released on February 19 just revealed how a majority of Americans think that President Joe Biden is a “puppet of the radical left.”

“Less than a month after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, most voters believe the Democrat is a ‘puppet of the radical left’ and not the moderate ‘nice guy’ he was portrayed as during the election campaign,” Rasmussen revealed in its new report.

A survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters conducted between February 16 and 17 this year found that 54% of respondents agree with the following statement:

“Joe Biden’s not the moderate nice guy that they made him out to be. He’s a puppet of the radical left.”

Only 40% of respondents said that they did not agree with the statement.

It’s not just a statement that most Americans agree with, but something also noted by former President Donald Trump. In August 2020, the president said during a speech in Wisconsin that Joe Biden is a puppet of the radical left.

Since taking office, President Biden has broken records for the number of executive orders signed in the first week of any American president. Many of those executive orders were used to reverse decisions made by President Donald Trump, including a Trump-era ban on Critical Race Theory in federal institutions.

President Joe Biden has since allowed Critical Race Theory, an extreme, left-wing theory that says white people are inherently privileged and racist, back into the federal government and schools.

Biden is surrounded by some of the most radically left-wing Democrats in American history, too, including his own vice president, Kamala Harris.

During the presidential campaign, Vice President Harris promoted a bail fund for violent left-wing rioters who caused $2 billion in damage to American cities, homes, and businesses.

It looks like most Americans recognize Biden’s proximity to the radical left…and the influence it has on him.