Nancy Pelosi ‘Satisfied’ With Joe Biden’s Response To Sexual Assault Allegation, Despite Blasting Brett Kavanaugh Two Years Ago

(FreedomJournal.Org)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided she, too, will take the hypocrite’s route when it comes to sexual assault allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
On Thursday, she said Biden doesn’t need to “directly, publicly” address the allegations made by Tara Reade, who accused Biden of sexual assault while she was a staffer of his senatorial office back in 1993.
On CNN, Pelosi said she’s “very proud to endorse” Biden, adding:
“I’m satisfied with how he has responded. It’s a matter that he has to deal with, but I am impressed with the people who worked for him at the time saying that they absolutely never heard one iota of information about this. Nobody ever brought forth a claim or had anybody else tell them about such a claim.”
Pelosi’s argument, apparently, is that since no one in Biden’s office at the time brought a claim against him then, that it must not be true. The fact that Reade is coming out with her accusation 27 years later — as Biden is running for president — must not be enough for Pelosi.
Of course, as staunch as Pelosi is in her support for an accused, she was equally as supportive of an accuser only a few years ago.
In 2018, Christine Blasey Ford accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh — while he was in the process of being confirmed — of sexually assaulting her in 1982 when they were teenagers. No one brought up a claim back then when it happened, but Pelosi still chose to believe the accuser in this case, who made her accusations 36 years after they happened.
Again, this isn’t to say Biden definitely is guilty and Kavanaugh isn’t — or vice versa. It’s just the outright hypocrisy that Pelosi and other Democrats are displaying now with Reade and Biden is appalling — or at least should be to many.
After Kavanaugh was successfully confirmed in October 2018, Pelosi released an official statement, which read, in part:
“Today is a profoundly heart-breaking day for women, girls and families across America.
“Courageous women risked their safety and well-being to speak truth about this nomination. Tens of thousands more joined them to share their own harrowing stories of sexual assault, at great personal risk. Yet, Senate Republicans chose to send a clear message to all women: do not speak out, and if you do — do not expect to be heard, believed or respected.
“In purposely limiting the FBI investigation, it is clear the Republicans were not seeking the truth. They were seeking cover to do what they wanted to do anyway. To add insult to injury, they blocked the public’s access to the report. Their goal was to install a nominee on the highest court in the land who will put the President above the law, with no regard to the Constitution.
“The conduct of the Senate Republican Majority did violence to the reputation of both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Supreme Court. We must proceed in a judicious manner to set the record straight and ensure that this never happens again.”
Guess whatever “judicious manners” Pelosi suggested back in 2018 haven’t taken hold just yet, because it looks like “this” is happening all over again.