Megyn Kelly Reveals NYC School Tells Students White Kids Are Future MURDERERS In “Every Classroom”

( Former Fox News anchor and media personality Megyn Kelly revealed this week that she is pulling her children from the New York City school system after learning that her boys’ school promoted an effort to “reform white children.” Kelly said that the school accused white people of murdering white people and even “revelling in their state-sanctioned depravity.”

Who would want to send their kids to a school like that?

Kelly published a letter that the school administrators sent to parents and faculty, and described the contents during an episode of the Megyn Kelly Show on Monday. She described the NYC school system as “out of control” and said she wouldn’t expose her children to any more politically biased teaching.

“It’s out of control on so many levels, and after years of resisting it, we’re going to leave the city,” she said. “We pulled our boys from their school and our daughter is going to be leaving hers soon too.”

“The schools have always been far-left, which doesn’t align with my own ideology, but I didn’t really care,” Kelly added. “Most of my friends are liberals, it’s fine. I come from Democrats as a family.”

Kelly explained that she is not offended by liberal ideologies as she leans center-left on some issues, but that the left has “gone around the bend.”

“I mean, they have gone off the deep end,” she said I the podcast. “This summer in the wake of George Floyd, they circulated amongst the diversity group – which includes white parents like us, there are people who want to be allies and stay attuned to what we can do – an article, and afterward they recirculated it and wanted every member of the faculty to read it.”

She said that Nahliah Webber, the Orleans Public Education Network executive director, wrote the letter which claimed that there is a “killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn.”

To be clear – this is a letter sent to parents saying that every classroom has future murderers in it. And those murderers are white.

“They gleefully soak in their whitewashed history that downplays the holocaust of indigenous native peoples and Africans in the Americas,” the letter claims. “They happily believe their all-white spaces exist as a matter of personal effort and willingly use violence against black bodies to keep those spaces white.”

They use violence? Who does? Students?

The racist letter continues, adding, “White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their schools, homes, and communities to join, advance, and protect systems that take away black life.”

Is it any wonder younger people are more likely to vote Democrat when this is what the schools are teaching?