Lil Wayne Meets & ENDORSES President Donald Trump, Promotes “Platinum Plan” For Black Americans

( Legendary rapper Lil Wayne helped the normalization of voting Republican among Black Americans by lightyears on Thursday when he announced that he had met President Donald Trump to discuss his “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans. The rapper also said that the president had done good work on criminal justice reform, and said he had listened to what he had had to say.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., also published a photo of the two next to one another, in front of three American flags.

“Besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership”, he tweeted.

“He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done,” he added.

The endorsement from Lil Wayne is important for the Trump campaign. 50 Cent, another famous rapper, recently said that he would not be supporting Joe Biden because of his policy of dramatically increasing taxes. However, following a backlash from racist leftist activist celebrities like Chelsea Handler, 50 Cent was backed into a corner and ultimately tweeted “f*ck Donald Trump.”

Handler had appeared on television saying she had to “remind” 50 Cent that he was a black person and could not, therefore, support President Trump.

President Trump reportedly took advice from another rapper, Ice Cube, when developing the Platinum Plan.

The sudden support from Lil Wayne may not be too surprising to people who have watched as he defended police officers during the violent Black Lives Matter riots. Wayne even said about the death of George Floyd that activist should be “very specific” when talking about injustices, saying they should not blame an “entire race” of people for those injustices (white people) or the “entire force.”

While it is a last-minute endorsement, it could go a long way in helping President Donald Trump win the election. Polls are already showing the president with almost one-third of Black voters supporting him.