Liberal Jim Carrey Launches Sick Attack Against Melania Trump

(FreedomJournal)- Far-left actor Jim Carrey, who has consistently been one of the most deranged and vocal anti-Trump activists over the last four years, took to Twitter to make a vile dig at America’s classiest first lady, Melania Trump.

In an unprovoked attack, Carrey published a hideous drawing of supermodel Melania Trump, mocking her and bidding her farewell.

It was a far cry from the calls for “unity” from Democrats, though admittedly those Democrats have done very little to promote unity either.

“Oh and goodbye worst first lady,” the post said.

“I hope the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end. Thx for nothing,” it added.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Melania Trump was attacked by the media, Democrats, or anti-Trump activists. Despite running a charity to help children get the best start in life and be the best people they can be, Be Best, Mrs. Trump has faced brutal attacks for being married to a Republican President.

Hollywood celebrities have relentlessly mocked her appearance despite her being a model, and Cardi B, a former stripper and Joe Biden surrogate went as far as calling her a prostitute.

When a Maryland journalist made the same false claim as Cardi B, the former first lady successfully sued the journalist and won an undisclosed settlement. The journalist retracted the fake story.

Carrey’s reference to a “settlement” may also have been made regarding rumors from left-wing media outlets that she is preparing to divorce President Donald Trump – a claim that has not been backed up by any evidence whatsoever.

Carrey also published a bizarre video of President Donald Trump speaking from the Oval Office, with the words, “How do you spell relief? I spell it GOODBYE!’”

This guy’s just as weird as the characters he plays in the movies.