Left Wing Dark Money Networks Spent Millions Electing Biden

(FreedomJournal.org)- A new report has revealed how “dark money networks” funded the Joe Biden presidential campaign and allowed Democrats to take all three branches of government in the November 2020 election.

“Despite repeated calls for increased campaign finance transparency, President Joe Biden and other Democrats received tens of millions of dollars in assistance from massive ‘dark money’ networks during the 2020 election cycle,” Joe Schoffstall wrote for The Washington Free Beacon.

Schoffstall revealed how the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which consists of several dozen liberal projects and organizations, spent as much as $60 million on committees that supported Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Furthermore, a similar group called “Tides Advocacy,” spent another $1.5 million on the campaign.

The 2020 election is the first time that nonprofit umbrella groups like the Sixteen Thirty Fund were used by Democrat donors to fund election activity anonymously, meaning Joe Biden benefitted from tens of millions of dollars from anonymous donors…and there is no way of finding out who they are.

Here’s how that works.

Wealthy donors use the Sixteen Thirty Fund and similar groups as a “fiscal sponsor.” The groups use their tax and legal status to donate to a number of different legal groups, and because sponsored groups don’t need to file individual tax forms that disclose information about contractors and board members, it helps keep those donations secret.

“The Sixteen Thirty Fund paid $5.7 million—its largest payment of the cycle—to Victory 2020, a fundraising committee associated with Democratic operative David Brock’s American Bridge super PAC,” Schoffstall wrote. “American Bridge received $4.4 million directly from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which also funnelled $5 million to Future Forward, and $4.5 million to Priorities USA Action.”

Incredibly, Joe Biden calls for greater transparency in election spending despite taking cash from the Sixteen Thirty Fund. He even called for an end to “fark money groups.” But dozens of left-wing committees used cash from this dark money group to help promote voter canvassing and advertisements on behalf of Joe Biden.

Amy Kurtz, the executive director of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, told the Washington Free Beacon that the group is “confronting the biggest social challenges in our country through fiscal sponsorship, advocacy, and electoral action.”

Another report from Bloomberg revealed how anonymous donors gave $145 million to groups advocating for Joe Biden in the last campaign.

So we can probably assume that President Joe Biden won’t find the time to address dark money during his administration…