Kayleigh Mcenany Destroys Biden Over Requests For 30 Minute Breaks During First Debate

(FreedomJournal.org)- White House Press Secretary responded to reports on Tuesday that the Biden campaign was requesting 30-minute breaks during the first presidential debate. The conservative responded to reports that Fox News had learned how the Biden camp requested the breaks during the negotiations over the conditions of the highly anticipated first debate.

“Biden is asking for a break every 30 minutes during tonight’s debate!” she said.

“There are no breaks when you’re leader of the free world, Joe!” she added.

In the past, debates have not included 30-minute breaks. Joe Biden’s request immediately fell on deaf ears, as the president’s campaign team insisted there was simply no need for breaks to take place at all.

The debate is only 90 minutes long!

Pat Ward of Fox News also said on Twitter that the Trump campaign was pushing for a third party to inspect the ears of both candidates to ensure that they were not wearing any kind of electronic devices or transmitters.

“The President has consented to this inspection, but Biden has not – so far,” he said.

Later in the day, the Biden campaign said that they did not consent to an inspection of the ears, making it easier for Biden to wear an earpiece should he choose to.

It follows a refusal by the Biden campaign to even take a drug test. President Donald Trump consented to a drug test and pondered whether Joe Biden would do the same, citing his “uneven” debate performances during the Democratic primaries.

Last week during an event in Jacksonville, Florida, President Trump addressed the fact that Joe Biden didn’t appear to be on the campaign trail very much.

“He’s a sleepy guy. Did you see he did a lid this morning? Again, lid, lid. You know what a lid is? A lid is when you put out word you’re not going to be campaigning today,” he said. “So he does the lid all the time. I’m working my ass off.”

Has Joe Biden been spending that valuable campaign time preparing for the debate?