Kamala Harris Props Up Epstein Pal Bill Clinton As Savior For Women

(FreedomJournal.org)- Vice President Kamala Harris made the bizarre decision to appear alongside former President Bill Clinton as part of a virtual event to promote “Girls and Women’s Empowerment.” It was part of a project by the Clinton Foundation, a scandal-ridden and controversial foundation run by the former president and his wife, Hillary Clinton.

But former President Clinton has a horrifying past of taking advantage of women and was even good friends with dead sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Clinton, who famously had an affair with White House staffer Monica Lewinsky while married to Hillary Clinton, has even been accused of rape by several women, including Juanita Broaddrick, Leslie Millwee, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones.

So much for women’s empowerment, huh?

Vice President Harris seems like an odd choice to represent girls and women’s empowerment, too. Harris was a hugely unpopular presidential candidate during the 2020 Democratic primary season and was famously destroyed during the debates by Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard over her record of slapping excessive sentences on first-time drug offenders.

Harris ultimately dropped out of the race before she went head-to-head with other candidates in the primary of her home state, California, before eventually being chosen by then-candidate Joe Biden because she was an ethnic minority and a woman.

Why wouldn’t the Clinton Foundation pick a self-made successful career woman like Tulsi Gabbard to speak about women’s empowerment instead?

The shocking hypocrisy of appearing alongside an accused rapist to speak about women’s empowerment angered conservative women all over the country, and Lisa Marie Boothe slammed Harris during a recent episode of “Hannity” on Fox News.

“Yeah, Sean, when I first saw this article on this story, I thought to myself, ‘this has to be the Babylon Be,’” she said, referencing the popular satirical website.

“But then I thought to myself, you know what, Kamala Harris would probably sit down with Charles Manson if he were still alive to talk about human rights if it served her political interests, because this woman is motivated by one thing and that’s power,” she added.

Boothe also reminded viewers how Harris accused Biden of being a “racist sexual harasser” before she was asked to become his VP.