Journalist Who Covered 2020 Riots Debunks Kamala Harris’ Bogus Claim

( On Thursday, vice-president-elect and far-left Senator Kamala Harris inaccurately claimed that the police showed more restraint with the rioters on Capitol Hill on Wednesday than they did with what she called “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protesters last year.

The claim, which she made via a speech while Joe Biden watched and said nothing, was factually inaccurate on many levels and caused a great amount of anger among Americans who oppose violence on all sides of the debate.

Journalist Julio Rosas of exposed her lies on Twitter, describing his personal experience covering the violent left-wing riots that destroyed many American cities during 2020.

“As someone who has covered many of the riots last year, I can say this narrative is simply false,” he said.

“Tear gas, pepper balls, pepper spray, and flashbangs were all used yesterday, just as they were used on rioters in 2020,” he said.

And that’s something everyone who has eyes should know already. While Democrats repeated the “peaceful protests” mantra through 2020, anybody with access to Twitter could see the unprecedented violence that American cities suffered.

When Harris claims that there were two systems of justice in how police dealt with extremism, she was wrong. And she probably knew she was wrong.

Tear gas was used with rioters who entered the Capitol building on Wednesday. Flashbangs and pepper spray were also deployed, and a woman was even fatally killed by a police officer during the riots.

You don’t need to just take our word for it, either. There is video footage and photographic evidence of it being used.


Senator Kamala Harris’s refusal to tell the truth is likely to disturb millions of Americans who know the truth, and who know that she knows the truth.

Could this be the beginning of four years of regular lies and gaslighting from “elected” officials like Harris?