Joe Biden Puts Kamala Harris In Charge Of Border Instead Of Him

( President Joe Biden is addressing the crisis at the southern border in a strange way — he’s passing the duty off to his number two.

On Wednesday, senior Biden administration officials announced that Vice President Kamala Harris would be in charge of addressing the surge of migrants at the United States-Mexico border. While it would seem very odd that the president himself would avoid a major issue, it isn’t all that out of the ordinary for Biden.

When he was serving as vice president to Barack Obama, he was changed with fixing the American economy. Biden watched his boss pass off one of the most important issues in the U.S. to him. Now that he’s boss, he’s passing another major issue onto his vice president.

Harris will be tasked with fixing the issues with both Mexico and the entire Northern Triangle, which includes El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. She’ll need to work to try to manage the inflow of migrant families and unaccompanied children.

The number of people flocking to the southern border has surged since Biden took office in January.

During a conference call with reporters, a senior administration official said:

“Starting today, the Northern Triangle nations and Mexico will know there was one senior official dedicated to this effort. To be very clear, this is an important task.”

Another official who was briefing reporters said:

“President Biden said during the transition, whatever the most urgent need, he would turn to the vice president, and today, he is turning to the vice president.”

The announcement of Harris taking control of the migrant issue came on the same day that White House officials arranged trips for members of Congress as well as senior aides to southern Texas.

Republicans have said that Biden himself is to blame for the entire situation. They say his refusal to reinstate a policy instituted under the Trump administration to expel any minor who was unaccompanied at the border has led to the surge.

The GOP also says that the Biden administration is speaking language that’s much more accommodating to migrants who are seeking asylum.

Harris’ new duties will now be to establish a strategic partnership with multiple countries in Central America, based on respect and shared values,” a senior administration official said.

That work will include understanding that “these countries are our friends and our neighbors. They are members of our shared community of the Americas and within the Western Hemisphere.”

Ricardo Zuniga has been named the State Department’s special envoy to the Northern Triangle. Earlier this week, he left for Mexico with other border officials. They also plan to travel to Guatemala.

The goal of the trip is to address problems that are happening locally there that are eventually leading migrants to travel north seeking asylum in America.

Some of the biggest issues in those Central American countries are the continuing after-effects of multiple hurricanes that decimated the region, rampant crime as well as the lax response from the countries to the COVID-19 pandemic.