Joe Biden Appoints Transgender Veteran To Department Of Defense “Transition Team”

( Despite the results of the 2020 presidential election remaining unknown, with court cases having been filed that contest the results in several battleground states, Joe Biden has gotten to work appointing a “transition team” to facilitate his possible move to the White House. As part of that process, the Democratic presidential nominee has appointed a transgender veteran to his Department of Defense team.

Shawn Skelley, who served in the United States Navy for 20 years, is currently the vice president of “Out in National Security,” a non-profit organization that advances the radical trans agenda and opposes President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people from joining the armed forces.

Skelley isn’t a new face, though. President Barack Obama appointed Skelley to a number of different positions during his time in the White House, notably as the special assistant to the undersecretary of defense of acquisition, technology, and logistics under the Department of Defense. The trans veteran was then appointed to the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service – a body that was launched by Barack Obama.

Biden’s decision to once again appoint Skelley is already being hailed as a great success for America – at least, by Democrats who are obsessed with identity.

“Joe Biden has made clear that he wants the next administration to be reflective of the diversity of America,” the Victory Institute’s director of communications, Elliot Imse, claimed.

“And we know that Biden believes LGBTQ people are an important part of that diverse America,” he added. “So we expect the next administration to appoint more LGBTQ people to political positions than ever before, and we hope that it is also the most diverse group of LGBTQ appointees in American history.”

If Biden follows this path, it would mean more appointees being chosen based on their identity instead of qualifications.

For anybody wondering, the “Q” used in LGBT means “queer,” and it is unclear exactly what that means.

The Biden-Harris team released a statement earlier in the week saying they are “proud to have one of the most diverse agency review teams in presidential transition history.”

“Of the hundreds of ART members to be announced, more than half are women, and approximately 40 percent represent communities historically underrepresented in the federal government, including people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities,” they added.

The question is…are they the right people? If Biden ultimately wins the election, which we don’t know for sure yet, then America could be led by a cabinet of people appointed for characteristics that are beyond their control.