Jennifer Pickens Says Melania Trump Hasn’t Received Enough Appreciation She Deserves As First Lady

( Melania Trump has not gotten the respect she deserves as a First Lady. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens to a lot of First Ladies, but maybe none so more than Trump, according to Jennifer Pickens.

In a recent column for Fox News, Pickens said Trump hasn’t received the “respect and appreciation” that she deserves for her four years in the White House.

One thing Pickens pointed out is that there isn’t a specific job description by which any First Lady can be judged. Laura Bush once described the job as “a role without a rule book.”

Still, Pickens believes Trump did a wonderful job. She wrote:

“When historians shape Mrs. Trump’s legacy years down the road, after the ridiculous social media attacks of the past four years have faded, she will be far more appreciated.

“In addition to being only the second First Lady not born in the U.S. (Louisa Adams, wife of President John Quincy Adams, was the first), it is noteworthy that Mrs. Trump may be the only First Lady to be completely plucked out of the private sector to serve in this extraordinary role.

“Every other First Lady of the past century has had the advantage of being married to a prominent government official or military leader before entering the White House. But President Trump did not serve in government or the military before being elected to our nation’s highest office. Yet, Mrs. Trump entered the White House as First Lady with the enthusiasm and energy needed to do well in her new role.”

Her lack of political experience didn’t deter Melania, Pickens wrote. She was able to wade through the challenging waters and serve as a wonderful host for dignitaries around the world. Pickens described one such experience:

“One of the most notable examples … was at the first state dinner held during the Trump administration, hosting French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

“The Trumps greeted the Macrons at the South Portico of the White House before proceeding to the stage to hear the national anthems of both countries. Both first ladies stood by their husbands on the platform — something that hadn’t been done since President Jimmy Carter’s administration.

“Mrs. Trump infused every White House event with a level of sophistication and formality. She understood the significance and the importance of social diplomacy that comes with the visit of a world leader, and at the same time, she carried out other time-honored traditions that have been held at the People’s House.”

Despite constant criticism from mainstream media, Melania exhibited a level of poise, instinct and knowledge about her position that is unrivaled. She understood her role and how important it was to the perception of not just her husband but of the entire world that looks at America.

One of the things that Melania highlighted more so than other First Ladies of the past was the U.S. military band and the importance of the country’s defense.

She may not get the credit for it now, but Melania Trump certainly should in years to come.