IRONY: China Bans Entry Of UK Citizens Into Country Where COVID-19 Pandemic STARTED

( In what could potentially become one of the most ironic news stories from 2020, China has reportedly banned the entry of UK, Philippines, and Belgium citizens into the country. It comes as the United Kingdom has entered a second lockdown.

The Chinese Embassy in London, England, said on Wednesday that they would be closing borders to arrivals from the United Kingdom, including those who have residence permits and visas. It is a total reversal of the decision to loosen restrictions recently and may be coming as a result of the United Kingdom’s recent decision to close down much of its economy and tell people to stay at home for a month.

According to the Chinese Embassy, it is a “temporary measure taken by China in response to the current pandemic.”

The Chinese Embassy in Belgium released a similar statement, also announcing that people from Belgium will not be allowed to enter China for the foreseeable future. Belgium has the highest number of COVID cases In Europe per capita. On Thursday, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines also announced the same restrictions.

While those with residency permits and visas will still be banned, anybody with diplomatic or courtesy visas, or those working on international flights and trains, will not be affected.

The great irony is that China is the country where the COVID-19 pandemic began. After the virus began circulating throughout Wuhan, the Chinese government did not stop people leaving the country, which resulted in the virus quickly spreading to Italy.

For months, Beijing has managed to maintain the outbreak and the national economy has slowly begun to reopen. New regulations put in place require passengers from the Czech Republican, United States, and Germany to have tested negative and for antibodies – meaning they must have previously fought off the virus – in order to travel into the country. The same rule will apply to people from Denmark on November 7, and for Australia, Singapore, and Japan on November 8.

The antibody test requirement is more extreme than in most other countries, but officials from China say they chose to implement it to prevent people from entering the country with a false negative.