Iran LIED About Coronavirus Deaths, Could Be MUCH Higher

( – Iranian health sources claim at least 210 people have died as a result of contracting the coronavirus, meaning Iranian officials have lied about the death toll. Before BBC Persian released reported on the figures, official numbers claimed the death toll was just 34.

Speaking to reporters from BBC Persian, health sources explained how hundreds of people have denied and that the official reports are untrue. However, Iranian officials are standing by their original reports, with a spokesman for the Iranian Health Ministry, KianushJahanpur, rejected the new numbers.

Unfortunately for the Iranian government, not everyone is willing to stand by the official line. Gholamali Jafarzadeh Imenabadi, an Iranian Member of Parliament, dissented against the government line and said the death toll in the country was “much higher.”

According to Alarabiya, the MP unreservedly stated that the numbers were fake.

“I say this explicitly, the statistics presented so far are not true,” he said. “I have statistics about the number of deaths due to coronavirus from three different cemeteries in Rasht and I have to say that the numbers are much higher than what is being said.”

He even went as far as saying that government representatives “repeatedly hide statistics from the public.”

The United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, told the press that “we have made offers to the Islamic Republican of Iran to help.” Recognizing that helping other countries contain the outbreak ultimately reduces the spread of the virus globally, the Trump administration is taking steps to assist other countries with the crisis.

Pompeo explained how Iran’s healthcare infrastructure is “not robust,” and that they have not shown “willingness to share information about what’s really going on inside.”

President Trump’s offer comes despite serious economic and military escalations over the last 12 months, but Iranian officials appear unwilling to put that aside for the good of the world. The Iranian government dismissed the offer from the United States, with the country’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi explaining that political issues are the reason they are unwilling to cooperate.

“The claim to help Iran confront coronavirus is from a country that has imposed expansive pressures on the Iranian nation through its economic terrorism,” he said.

“It has even blocked the way for purchase of medical equipment and medicines is ridiculous and a political-psychological game.”

Not only is Iran a terrorist state, but they’re also so stubborn they won’t even accept help from the country they repeatedly attack!