IN HIDING: Biden Hasn’t Given a Press Conference for OVER A MONTH

(FreedomJournal.Org)- Joe Biden, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats, went into hiding as soon as the COVID-19 lockdown measures started being put in place. To be fair, Biden would be the oldest person elected to the presidency if he won in November and he is certainly at risk, but there is no excuse for not holding press conferences.

As of May 6, Joe Biden had not held a press conference with the national media for some 33 days. Instead, Biden has filled his time with making videos for social media in which he makes vague criticisms of the president’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus.

The last press conference Biden held was on April 2, when he fielded questions from reporters virtually. Biden had just started his quarantining at his home in Delaware, in the same home office that he has used for media interviews with friendly news outlets. He has held fundraiser events from that room, town halls, and appeared in virtual conversations with failed presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and socialist Bernie Sanders.

But he has stopped short of giving oppress conferences.

Jeffrey McCall, a professor from DePauw University, told Fox News that the Democrats are purposely keeping Biden out of the limelight.

“The Biden camp is hoping to employ the ‘Vanna White effect,’ in which you say little and let the audience project on to you a favourable impression,” he said. “But this strategy will be less effective for a national political candidate than for a game show hostess,” he added.

One possible reason why Biden has avoided the media spotlight is the ongoing controversy with former Senate staffer, Tara Reade. The former staffer alleges that Biden sexually assaulted her in a corridor in the Senate in 1993 when she was working for him. As more people come forward to corroborate the story, Biden has been forced to officially deny the claims.

Despite this, every interview Biden did on mainstream news channels like CNN and MSNBC have simply refused to ask him about the scandal.

The first time Biden publicly discussed the charges were with sympathetic news anchor Mika Brzezinski.

His tactic has stopped working, however, as even CNN is criticizing Biden. Dana Bash, CNN anchor, criticized the presumptive Democratic nominee for giving a “home team interview” on the MSNBC morning show with Brzezinski.

The New York Times even criticized him, too. One op-ed in the outlet claimed that Joe Biden is “mired in his basement, speaking to us remotely, like an astronaut beaming back to earth from the International Space Station.”

Come on, Joe! It’s time to do a press conference!