HUNTER EMAILS: Biden FALSELY Says Intelligence Community CLEARED Him Of Wrongdoing

( As the Hunter Biden email story gains traction, following the announcement that the FBI is in possession of a laptop abandoned by the son of the Democratic presidential nominee and is investigating its contents, former Vice President Joe Biden is attempting to write off the investigation and reporting as smears.

During an interview with WISN 12 news, Biden dismissed comments by Senator Ron Johnson about the investigation into his son and his alleged involvement in a corrupt money-making scheme during his time as vice president.

Biden inaccurately claimed that the “vast majority” of the intelligence community believes that there is “no basis at all” for the allegations made about him and his son.

“And you know, and all the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said, there’s no basis at all,” he said.

Biden did not provide any evidence for this or even mention a single member of the intelligence community that believes this – presumably because there is nobody, or very few, of those people left.

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice and FBI both agreed with John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, that the information released from a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair store was not the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Ratcliffe confirmed this during a Fox Business interview, debunking false accusations made by Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff about the information being part of a foreign election interference campaign.

“Let me be clear,” he said. “The intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that.”

In September, a Senate report revealed a “long list of the Biden family’s conflicts of interest conducting shady overseas business activity with foreign adversaries while serving at the upper echelons of government, raising significant national security concerns with potentially criminal conduct and threats of extortion.”

The Biden family has yet to deny the authenticity of the emails.