How Big Did Trump Win In Iowa?

( – It was a clean sweep for President Donald Trump in his bid for the Republican nomination, which seems like just a formality at this point. In the Iowa caucuses, Trump crushed his competition, gaining 97.1% of the votes and all 38 delegates. Bill Weld (1.3% of the votes) and Joe Walsh (1.1%) were quite a distance behind.

Following the win, Trump tweeted: “Big WIN for us in Iowa. Thank You!”

The hapless Democrats, meanwhile, were left scrambling Monday night, and they still were as of Tuesday morning, with no results reported. The challenging party said it was unable to report results due to “inconsistencies” in reporting from the precincts.

David Axelrod, former President Barack Obama’s adviser, said: “A cloud of doubt hangs over this whole process.”

That has left the Democratic candidates scrambling — as it seems they always are — while Trump was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, particularly enjoyed the mess the Democrats have created. He said, “Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history. It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process.”

With results from the Democratic side still not reported more than 12 hours after the end of the Iowa caucus, David Plouffe, another former Obama adviser, said this may be the last Iowa caucus.

Candidates have been rushing to get answers since the debacle, but no progress seems to have been made. CNN sources said a conference call was arranged by the Iowa Democratic Party to figure out what happened, but that call ended abruptly with representatives demanding to know the timing of the release of results.

The complete lack of reporting didn’t stop some candidates from declaring victory, somehow. Pete Buttigieg gave a televised speech, declaring to his supporters just after midnight that he’d be “going on to New Hampshire victorious.” How he can claim victory with no districts reporting is something the mayor would have to explain to all of us.

Even Roger Lau, the campaign manager for Elizabeth Warren, said he was sure the results would come in and show a close race between his boss, Bernie Sanders and Buttigieg. And Joe Biden would be a “distant fourth,” according to his strange calculations.

So, how did Biden react? By sending a letter to the Democratic party in Iowa saying there are “considerable flaws” in the system. Dana Remus, his general counsel, even demanded a “full explanation” as well as “an opportunity to respond before any official results are released.”

Seems like the Democratic candidates don’t know what to do and who to blame. Trump, meanwhile, is sitting pretty and must be reveling in the chaos from the other side.

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14 thoughts on “How Big Did Trump Win In Iowa?

  1. In light of the democrats consistent lack of coherency and lack of public concern for a very, very long time, it really comes as no surprise to me to hear that Trump is triumphant………once again.
    After all, he is running against a pack of totally incompetent, idiot liberal, socialistic moron clowns. They are tripping all over each other in clown masks with no eye holes; only excuse I can think of for being blind to their constituents. Democrats have become totally incomprehensible to anyone with a brain and I’m sure they would be surprised to find out that most of us do have brains of our very own! Even Democrats constituents are backing away in horror of what their party has disintegrated into. The magnitude of the party betrayal is staggering!

  2. Once again, the finagling democrats cheating with votes, lost again!! When will they change their ways, have some character, honesty and stop their rigging and cheating. They always lose and will continue to lose. MAGA!

  3. I’m a Canadian; was happy about what happened 4 years ago, but what’s going on just now is great for my friends south of the borders! I’m looking forward for a great 4 more years of success and employment . Love you all

  4. Trump’s victory is logical: Trump fought the entire term of his presidency against attacks, sabotage, slander and the endless impeachment of democrats, while conducting reforms in the country, taking care of the welfare of all Americans. And the Americans appreciated his work. Therefore, he can now relax and enjoy. And what did the Democrats do for all these 3 very difficult years? —
    – n o t h i n g !

  5. Keep in mind Donald, it’s the demo maggots that we have to beat; one group that you continually smack in the face is those seeking environmental protection, we are a very large group

  6. The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways. His wonders to perform.

    Blessed be the name of Our Lord Jesus. Without him we are nothing!

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