Hawley’s Wife Files Criminal Complaint

(FreedomJournal.org)- Wife of Senator Josh Hawley, Erin Hawley, has officially filed a criminal complaint against a far-left activist group that terrorized her in her own home.

ShutDownDC, the group responsible, walked onto her property and intimidated her when she was at home with her newborn daughter.

An ABC News report revealed how a police spokesperson confirmed that there was “probable cause” to issue a summons against Patrick Young, who attended the protest. He has since been charged with a misdemeanor count of demonstrating illegally at Hawley’s home in Vienna, Virginia. The incident occurred on January 4 when Republican Senator Hawley was in Missouri.

Senator Hawley’s office confirmed that the complaint was filed in a Fairfax County court. Under state law, any citizen in Virginia can file criminal complaints, but a magistrate must first find “probable cause” for it to be issued.

Video footage from the “Vigil for Democracy” protest outside Hawley’s house shows precisely why Erin Hawley was concerned. Protested shined bright lights into her windows, shouted, and even used loudspeakers to intimidate her from outside her home.

During the protest, Hawley took to Twitter to express his anger, describing how “Antifa scumbags” turned up outside of his home and “screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door.”

Erin Hawley said in a statement to the police that she was “fearful and closed and locked the door.”

“[T]he doorbell rang, and from downstairs, I could hear loud noises at the door: knocking, stomping, shouting, or some combination,” she said. “I went upstairs to see what was happening. The protesters were screaming with bullhorns and shouting ‘Come out, come out!’ I was frightened.”

Is there ever any excuse in politics to terrify a politician’s wife for disagreeing with the actions of said politician?

While left-wing media outlets have attempted to cover for the protesters, Hawley slammed the Washington Post on January 5 for “printing outright lies” about the group, which claimed to have been peaceful.

“You screamed through bullhorns, shouted down my wife when she asked you to leave, vandalized property, pounded on our door, and terrorized neighbors,” he added.

Doesn’t sound very peaceful, right?