Graham Calls Biden’s Gun Control Push Stupid

( Republican Senator for South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, had some harsh words for the Democrats’ push for yet more gun control this week, slamming proposals from members of Congress and President Joe Biden as “stupid.”

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Senator Graham, said that President Biden’s call to ban assault weapons didn’t make any sense and doesn’t have a chance of being passed.

“Well number one, the idea of banning assault weapons I don’t think it has any chance of passing in the Senate,” Graham said.

The Senator also spoke to the Washington Examiner about the issue and predicted if there were a vote on the issue tomorrow, he would predict that a majority of the Senate would reject it.

And he’s not just talking about Republicans.

“There are Democrats living in red states that cannot vote for an ‘assault weapons’ ban, but every time there’s a tragic shooting in this country, the Left uses it as a reason to grab a gun from a lawful gun owner,” he said.

Graham also recently introduced a new bill to the Senate that would amend asylum and refugee problems – something the Democrats are strongly opposed to unless it involves allowing more people into the country. The South Carolina Senator introduced the bill after it was revealed that the Boulder, Colorado shooter, who killed ten people in a supermarket this month, was actually a Syrian immigrant with ISIS sympathies.

Speaking about the proposal, Graham also said that most of his colleagues on Capitol Hill supported his position of making it harder for people to gain asylum in the United States.

“I would encourage Senator Schumer to bring up the assault weapons ban being proposed by President Biden and let us vote on it,” Graham said. “I think you’d get a majority of senators saying that banning the weapon is not going to solve the problem. I own an AR-15, I own it responsibly.”

Just like a majority of the owners of the roughly 10 million AR-15 guns that are believed to exist in the United States today.

Democrats have spent the last few years pushing for people to be stripped of their AR-15s. Failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said, “hell yeah, we’re going to take your AR-15s” in a presidential debate last year, and Vice President Harris has previously supported gun buyback schemes that would force Americans to surrender their guns.

But as Senator Graham says, Democrats in red states know what side their bread is buttered on.