Governor Cuomo to “Reimagine” New York Society with HUGE Spending Plans

(FreedomJournal.Org)- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that he has started his own Coronavirus Task Force to look at how New York can function in the coming weeks and months. The “Reimagine New York Task Force” will look at reforming state-wide policies to allow businesses to reopen safely.

During his daily press briefing, he explained how the coronavirus would “reimagine what we want society to be,” and would focus on areas like public safety, public transport, housing, and healthcare.

“Let’s use this as a moment to really plan change that we could normally never do unless you had this situation,” he added.

Cuomo made it clear he wasn’t just talking about how to reopen businesses, however. The Democratic Governor wants to look at what he can do to bring widespread change to the entire system at a time when the government is spending huge sums of money to keep people as financially stable as possible.

In a slide shown behind him, Cuomo expressed his desire to create “more social equity” and have “better use of technology.”

What does this mean? We’ll have to wait and see what the task force says – but don’t expect it to be universally popular. Now may be a good time to implement change given the fact that normal society has already been disrupted greatly, but it doesn’t change the fact that New York is heavily indebted.

New York has the most local and state debt when viewed as a percentage of GDP. The state has more than $411 billion in combined state and local debt, which is over 20% of GDP. Where does Cuomo think the money will come from?

During the conference, Cuomo also confirmed that another 478 New Yorkers died of coronavirus on Sunday, and as of Monday, there were almost 14,000 deaths in the state. Over 10,000 of those deaths were just in New York City.