GOP Governor LEFT During Election In Georgia Amid Allegations Of Voter Fraud

( Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp reportedly went quail hunting and even attended a football game while Democrats were counting the state’s election results, according to new reports.

Governor Kemp, who has been heavily criticized by President Donald Trump for refusing to play a part in auditing the results of the election, reportedly took time off, along with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, while election results were being counted without proper oversight.

President Donald Trump won Georgia in 2016 by 5 points, but this time the state turned blue if you believe the mainstream media. Fears of election interference or vote rigging in the 2020 election have been dismissed by the Republican governor, despite evidence showing that mail-in ballots were not counted with proper oversight.

Lawyers representing President Donald Trump allege that during the counting process, media outlets were told that counting would be paused, only for tens of thousands of ballots allegedly cast for Joe Biden to turn up in the middle of the night.

Days after election day, Raffensperger and Kemp announced that there would be an audit of the vote, but that audit turned out to be a recount – meaning the signatures on the enveloped of mail-in ballots would not be checked.

Lin Wood, a lawyer who has filed lawsuits alleging widespread election fraud in this year’s election, asked his followers whether they were angry that Governor Kemp went hunting while the true election results were being undermined.

“Does it anger you that Governor @BrianKempGA refuses to take action on fraud in election but had time for quail hunting with his family yesterday in Tifton or is it just me?” he said.

Last week, President Donald Trump said last week that he was “ashamed” to have ever endorsed the governor, following his refusal to support an audit of the votes.