Giuliani Says Trump Team Will Focus On Voting Machines Going Forward

( Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave an important update on the president’s legal strategy to remedy the compromised 2020 presidential election, describing over the weekend how they intend to shift their legal strategy.

Giuliani said that the legal team will now focus more on the voting machines that were used in the presidential election, focusing on claims of fraud similar to those made by pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

The personal attorney to President Donald Trump told the Steve Bannon podcast “War Room” about the latest developments in their efforts to ensure that an illegitimate president is not sworn in on January 20.

“We met pretty much on and off all day yesterday, and starting this morning, there’s a completely different strategy,” he said. “The strategy is going to focus a great deal on some evidence we have about some of these machines that could throw off these state in a matter of maybe a one or two-day audit.”

It comes after several lower courts and even the United States Supreme Court threw out cases from the Trump legal team on technical grounds like “standing,” meaning the overwhelming evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election still has not been examined on merit in an American court of law.

Thousands of Americans, so far, have signed affidavits attesting to having witnessed fraud or misconduct in the voting and ballot counting processes.

Giuliani explained that he thinks it is possible to get audits completed quickly.

“I think we can get these accomplished despite the resistance and the cover-up of the Republican governors, the guy in Arizona and the guy in Georgia, if we had their cooperation, we could have it ended by Monday,” Giuliani said to Bannon.

“I’m tired of dealing with them. We just push them aside and I think over the weekend you’ll see different strategies being employed.”

Giuliani was referencing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who conceded the election and does not believe widespread fraud occurred – despite the evidence – and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who has consistently stood in the way of performing full signature verifications and audits of mail-in ballots in his state.

The former NYC mayor explained how the voting machines and ballot tabulation machines in the election “don’t contain illegal information” but “public information.”

“It doesn’t’ even belong to you,” he said. “The only reason you would be resisting our examining those machines is because you know you did something crooked.”

If Giuliani is right, it would mean that Republican officials know that the voting system is crooked and still don’t want to do anything about it.

If the Trump legal team pulls this off, audits could prove that the 2020 election is the biggest election fraud and scandal in American history.