Giuliani Says Hunter Biden Paid Half His Salary To Father Joe Biden, Cites Private Text Messages

( Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Saturday that private text messages from Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, suggest that he paid half of his annual salary to his father.

Giuliani, who recently obtained a laptop that was previously owned by Hunter Biden, said that text messages he has seen suggest that money made by Hunter Biden from foreign companies was being paid to his father. If true, it would prove hugely problematic for Joe Biden, who is accused of having helped his son make lucrative business deals abroad using his influence as vice president.

Speaking to the Daily Caller’s White House correspondent Christian Datoc, Giuliana said that the text messages he saw were between Hunter Biden and his daughter.

“All during the time that I’ve been disrespected, I’ve been the one who has supported this family for 30 years, and unlike pop I’m not going to require you to give half your salary to me,” Giuliani read from the alleged text messages from Hunter Biden.

The data in possession of Giuliani was also recently given to the New York Post. The newspaper published several exchanges between Biden and his business colleagues, including messages that suggested he had used his father’s position as vice president to make lucrative deals with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and several other large businesses.

Giuliani said that the text message was “direct evidence” that Vice President Joe Biden was leveraging his position and power in the governor to take bribes from foreign businesses via his son, Hunter Biden. The former NYC mayor released the details of this text message exchange in response to claims that there is no evidence of corruption in the leaked emails and messages.

“This guy has made a mockery out of being a senator and a vice president,” Giuliana added. “They sold Joe Biden’s public office.”

So far, the Biden campaign has not disputed the legitimacy of the emails, suggesting that the information is accurate. Biden has, however, called the stories a “smear.”

Various officials and people involved the chain of communication for the emails revealed have also confirmed that they are genuine.