George Soros Foundation President RESIGNS Amid Rumors He Is Biden Pick

( Patrick Gaspard, the president of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, announced his plans to resign from the position…and enter a potential Biden administration role.

In a statement released on Friday, Gaspard announced his decision to leave the organization, which is well-known for its huge financial support of far-left and progressive organizations and campaign groups all over the country.

“Fundamental social change doesn’t customarily occur in a revolutionary moment. Instead, what is needed is the partnership of activists, government, and the nonprofit sector, collaborating over time and space in unity and solidarity,” he said in the statement. “This is what I worked to do at Open Society. My commitment now will be to re-enter the world of politics and ideas, where I can continue the struggle against oppression everywhere.”

The statement confirms just how close the Open Society Foundation and its officials are to global government leaders, and that the far-left ideas advocated the group will permeate a Biden administration if the Democratic candidate is inaugurated on January 20.

Gaspard has experience working with Biden, too, having served in the Obama-Biden administration between 2013 and 2016. Back then, he served as the director of the White House Office of Political Affairs and also as the United States Ambassador to South Africa.

Axios reported that Gaspard is widely tipped to be Biden’s labor secretary – a position that far-left socialist Senator Bernie Sanders also reportedly wanted under a Biden administration.

Sanders may have been snubbed by Biden for his far-left vision for the economy, but Gaspard’s vision for the country is by no means moderate. He did come from the Open Society Foundation, after all.

Gaspard’s appointment as labor secretary would make sense, given his work in the labor unions in the past.

The Open Society Foundation has played a huge role in the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, granting hundreds of millions of dollars to various “racial justice” projects that have indirectly fuelled the violent riots we saw over the summer.

In July, Gaspard announced a $220 million investment in Black Lives Matter-related activities.

“Today, we are investing $220 million in response to the burst of energy we have witnessed from this extraordinary movement, in hopes of nurturing it and ensuring that it endures long after the media spotlight has moved on,” he said.

As an official in the Biden administration, we’re sure to hear more about Black Lives Matter and the so-called “racial justice” cause from Gaspard and others. Let’s just hope it doesn’t escalate into a full-scale war against the white working and middle class.