Gen Z Democrat Who LIVES AT HOME Elected California Legislator

( California just elected a 25-year-old Generation Z Democrat who lives at home, making the Asian-American candidate the youngest person to be elected to California’s legislature in eight decades.

Alex Lee won the election in a landslide, with more than 73% of the vote – not that you would expect anything else in California. What you might not predict, however, is that a fully-grown man would still be living with his mother, only working part-time, and somehow becoming an elected representative in the state.

The far-left Los Angeles Times called Lee a “Generation Z Democrat,” meaning he’s younger than millennials. The paper also said that he still lives with his mother and works part-time for an app-based delivery service.

Lee also made a reference to Hillary Clinton’s cringeworthy 2016 “Pokemon Go to the Polls!” statement from her campaign in a photograph of himself dropping off his ballot. He can be seen wearing a Pokemon-themed mask.

Lives at home and likes Pokemon. Is he really 25?

Incredibly, Lee thinks that living at home at his age makes him a good candidate.

“All of this combined will make an effective advocate,” he said. “This isn’t abstract for me. I don’t have to try to understand what it’s like for people who struggle to pay their bills or with housing insecurity, that’s something I live with.”

He said that in his community – he didn’t describe what he meant by that – he can only afford to live at home.

“Like a lot of people, they have to live with their parents because that’s the only financially feasible option. That’s why housing affordability is important to me,” he added.

Lee will now join the Democrat-controlled legislature where most other members are at least twice his age. Lee also reportedly boasted that he would be the first openly bisexual person to serve in the legislature, as if that was somehow important.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lee assisted with the presidential campaign for far-left socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. He was also endorsed by sanders.