FBI Catches Alleged Weed Smoker At Capitol

(FreedomJournal.org)- The FBI just caught one of the Capitol Hill rioters who bragged on social media about smoking marijuana inside the United States Capitol Building on January 6. Eduardo Nicolas Alvear Gonzalez was arrested by agents in Virginia after the FBI discovered his social media posts.

On Friday, a judge ordered that Gonzalez, a Ventura, California resident, be detained.

On January 20, the FBI was informed about the man’s identity by a relative who had recognized his face in video published shared online. An FBI revealed how Gonzalez was discovered in a court filing on January 31. The agent described how the family member saw him on a YouTube video showing him smoking marijuana.

One YouTube video, which was titled “The Capitol Rotunda Doobie Smoker explains why he did it,” showed Gonzalez explaining why he chose to break into the building and smoke drugs. His response?


The filings show that the FBI cited a number of other videos that were uploaded online which showed how Gonzalez stormed the building with other protesters wearing a hat, American flag trousers, and a fanny pack.

Gonzalez also allegedly filmed a video of the incident, explaining in the online broadcast what was going on and showing people around the Capitol Building during the riot. In the video, which lasted more than one hour, Gonzalez pointed the camera at himself in the Capitol Rotunda and shouted: “time to smoke weed in here!”

“Here it is, me blazing up at the Capitol,” he can be heard saying in the video, according to a statement filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

An FBI agent revealed how Gonzalez had rented a property in Alexandria, Virginia, which is close to the nation’s capital city, for the entire month of January. He was scheduled to fly back to California on February 1, but never got on the flight. Instead, Gonzalez went to Virginia Beach.

Gonzales also reportedly cut off service on his cell phone, making it difficult for investigators to find him. When he was found, Gonzalez reportedly hid in a closet when the police knocked on the door.

He is understood to be a follower of the Q Anon conspiracy theory movement, and allegedly also subscribed to the “Flat Earth” theory.

And the Democrats want you to believe that the people who stormed the Capitol Building are normal, decent Republicans…